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Skorpion Engineering sponsor ufficiale per Yamaha

Skorpion Engineering collabora con Yamaha per lo sviluppo di parti di parti in stampa 3D.

Nel corso dell'anno siamo partiti dall'attività di Scansione 3D e Reverse Engineering per poi realizzare parti prototipale e funzionali con le più innovative tecnologie di additive manufacturing.

Grazie alla nostra esperienza nel settore ed alle tecnologie di cui disponiamo siamo riusciti a soddisfare le esigenze del team con tempistiche straordinarie.

Ogni progetto è una sfida ed in questo caso il convolgimento nel progetto dall'inizio ha fatto la differenza e ci ha permesso di vincere questa bellissima sfida.


Fieri di essere Sponsor Yamaha :) 


3D printing and the fourth industrial revolution: Gartner forecasts for 2021

Thanks to 3D printing research, companies are changing their business models. 3D printers can now produce complex parts, impossible to achieve with traditional technologies, in a very short time and with the highest level of customization.

Gartner's research finds three sectors - medical devices, aircraft and consumer goods - that are making great progress in implementing advanced production with 3D printing.


The experiences of these industries become a model to be applied in all productive sectors.

One of the forecasts for the future of the 3D printing industry sees the aerospace sector as a protagonist: by 2021, 75% of new commercial and military aircraft will fly with engine, aeronautical cell and other components printed in 3D.

One example is Boeing, which has 20 locations for additive manufacturing in four countries and over 50,000 parts printed in 3D. Products resulting from printing are used on both commercial and defense lines.

Forecasts in the medical field see 3D printing in a very important role of pre-operative practice, as a strategy to improve surgical training and simulations. By 2021, 25% of surgeons will practice 3D models before surgery.

Probably 3D printing also has a strong impact on the supply chains of consumer goods companies. A "local production for local consumption" would allow the company to rethink its business models.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, 20% of companies will set up internal startups to develop new products and services based on 3D printing.

Our advice for companies is to outsource 3D printing services, as both capital costs and skills required are often too broad a barrier to justify the program.

The know-how acquired over the years and the availability of all 3D printing technologies allows us to follow our customers from the design to the production of any product in a fast and effective way.



Personalization here is the future of 3D printing



A few days ago I read a very interesting article on customizing automotive components through the use of 3D printing.

Each of us today can think of customizing any detail of a car to make it unique. Indeed, 3D printing allows us to rethink every single detail of both the interiors and the exteriors and to be able to realize it in a very short time.

Technology is racing very quickly, the materials used are more and more efficient and the distance between prototyping and production is increasingly thin.

Every day in our production center we create different projects, for example this week came out of our production center:

- the prototype of a car in scale 1: 1
- a very special watch exhibitors with exclusive aesthetic and mechanical finishes
- a fantastic innovative product developed by E-novia, it is Yape, have you heard about it?


To find out more about our technologies stay connected and follow us on our website and on our social channels.


Waiting for 2018 we say goodbye to the old year, remembering with you the best moments of 2017

Today ends a long year, a year of great changes and great growth by the arrival of:

- new people in our team
- new machines
- a new headquarters in Modena
- an important partnerships with Blutec Termini Imerese

The biggest news of the year was certainly the arrival of the Jet Fusion Hp printer that has upset all the patterns in the world of additive manufacturing but also in that of production.

Within a few days of installing the first printer we have saturated the machine with pieces of any kind and have therefore we installed a second machine.

Also in 2017 we introduced the metal between our printing technologies, a high-performance technology to final products.


Our dream? create a whole car in our production center combining topological optimization, additive technologies and traditional modeling technologies thanks to the 7000mm milling milling machine installed exactly one year ago in our production center.

What do we expect for 2018?

First of all we thank all the companies that last year have entrusted their projects to us, we are expecting for the new year to develop together with you so many innovative and exclusive projects experimenting new solutions that can satisfy any request.Our sales and project manager team is always at your disposal to develop great ideas.

Thank you all for believing in Skorpion Engineering ... lots of surprises await you in 2018! Stay tuned


If you can dream it you can do it

Something extraordinary is taking life in Skorpion Engineering.

Thanks to the collaboration of our entire team we are developing an extraordinary project that will allow us to bring together all our skills and technologies.

We are putting together all the know-how acquired over the years to realize a very ambitious project.

The dream of Skorpion Engineering, has always been to become a 4.0 Factory, a Factory capable of creating a whole car combining additive and subtractive technologies.

The recent installation of the second Jet Fusion 3D Hp will allow us to realize many details of a car very quickly and with excellent mechanical performance. The possibility of using two Fortus 900s will allow us to create even large parts in definitive material such as ABS and highly performing materials such as ASA and Ultem.

Our 3 and 5-axis milling machines will be used to make interior components. It will be a project that will give us the opportunity, for the first time, to demonstrate what can be achieved in a 4.0 factory!


If you can dream it you can do it!

And it is really true today more than ever, because each of us thanks to new technologies can really make any product starting from an idea in a very short time and at an affordable price.

#New technologies

#New ideas

#Want to do something new every day

This and much more represents Factory61

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