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The advantages of creating a car grille with additive technologies

As we have already explained several times thanks to the combination of additive and subtractive technologies, we are able to realize all the components of a car.
oday we want to talk to you about the technologies we can use to create a grille and their advantages.

The choice of technology to be used depends primarily on the use that you must do the grille, so if mounted on a working vehicle must use the FDM technology that is able to create any geometry in a very short time and with definitive materials such as abs. Just out by machine the workpiece must be sanded very carefully in order to eliminate the visible layer and then painted. After this process the grille looks like a piece of production.

On the other hand, if we are talking about an exhibition model we can resort to stereolithography, a technology that allows us to create monolithic details up to 20000mm.

Stereolithography guarantees a very high aesthetic level, even when just out of the car the detail has a very nice appearance and a good attention to detail.

Sintering and multijet technology are the most rapid and economical technologies and therefore their strategic advantage lies in the possibility of printing a grille in 3D, even for a fitting test, guaranteeing fast times and the highest level of precision.

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