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Ready Steady Go!

In these hours all the car-styling and the Turin-style centers are in turmoil for the final touches to the beautiful cars that will be presented next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

For weeks we have worked incessantly to get perfect results and to agree design and production. From style to finishes every detail is treated to the maximum but you know what's new? There are more and more style centers that sometimes by choice and sometimes due to the scarcity of time use rapid prototyping technologies to create high performance parts and in a very short time.

Stereolithography is often used to produce planks, bumpers, and showcar interiors, this technology has two advantages: one is the aesthetic value and the other the possibility of creating monolithic details up to 2000x1000x1000mm

FDM is often used to make headlight boxes, ailerons and other components that must have technical strength as well as speed of construction.

The sintering of Naylon is used for style tests, production is very rapid and also cheaper than other rapid prototyping technologies.

If you want to know more visit our website , I'll wait for you next week with an article dedicated to the most beautiful cars of the Geneva Motor Show.

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